Founded in October of 2012, we are a radical Christian community in the Catholic Worker tradition, committed to a ministry of hospitality, resistance and community building.

We have run a drop in center at the Hillman City Collaboratory on the corner of Rainer and Orcas in south Seattle, and planning to run mobile service in collaboration with our partner “Faith Over Fear Service” to feed people in needs in different locations.  We also providing mentorship for Youth of Color at South Seattle. We also collected and distributed clothes, blankets, toiletries, and other life essentials, as well as offering up our home in hospitality. We was published a quarterly newspaper, The Inbreaking, which we temporary discontinue

Our current members are Dinah Danby, Reddics Johnson, and Victor Straube. You can reach us  by our emails

Victor Straube  | vs65@me.com

Dinah Danby | danbyd@gmail.com

Reddics Johnson | fofworkforce@gmail.com

In addition, any donations are very welcome and will be put to good use in our ministries. Please see our Needs List page

Donation page will be restored soon