Big Transitions, and Asking for Help

by scwhouse

Hello beloved community,

We hope this email finds you all healthy and happy.  Unfortunately, we write to you in a time of transition and letting go, a time of discernment and asking for help.

Last month the Seattle Catholic Worker abruptly moved out of our house in Skyway and put our ministries on hold, including coordinating the drop-in center at the Collaboratory, bringing food and supplies to migrant workers and homeless folks in the Rainier Valley, publishing The Inbreaking, and holding Kumbayawesome gatherings. We are still meeting weekly to discern our next steps according to the Spirit’s guidance, and we have set up a P.O. Box to continue receiving mail, the address for which is:

PO Box 14541

Seattle, WA 98114

As you can imagine, this has been an inordinately difficult time for us–our focus of late has been on healing, prayer, and discernment.  We write to you in the interest of honesty and transparency, in recognition of what you have all given to SCW over the years. We write to you as an invitation to join us in grieving and in hopeful dreaming. And we write to you to ask for your help.

We want to continue as a community: to see through this transition by procuring a stable and harmonious home for SCW that will allow us to serve the poor for a long time. In the interim, each of our community members currently has a stable place to rest their head, but in order for the SCW to live and breathe as a community, it needs a home. So if you have, say, a multi-bedroom home that’s centrally located that you’re just dying to get rid of, we could probably take it off your hands :).  Or otherwise, if you have any leads on properties or opportunities to fundraise for a property, we would love to hear about it.  And we would sincerely appreciate you forwarding this on to people that might have leads.

Of course, the future of our community will be revealed in prayer–and in communion with all those who have supported us along the way. So most of all, we ask that you pray for our community–that Christ might guide us, and that we might hear Christ’s voice.

We invite you in and ask for your help, intentionally making ourselves vulnerable because we know that we do nothing alone. Without the grace of God and the community that surrounds us, SCW would not exist. We want to name the temptation to tough it out and do it all ourselves, and to instead follow the path of Christ: that of interdependence, vulnerability, and abiding hope.

It’s been almost four years since the initial discernment meetings began for the Seattle Catholic Worker, and what a wonderful, challenging, rich, and joyful four years it has been.  God willing there will be many more! Towards that end, we welcome any inquiries, leads, words of support, and prayers.  And let us end by reiterating how grateful we are to call you community.


Andrea, Eli, and Peter