Advent issue of “The Inbreaking” out now!

by scwhouse

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Dear friends,

Please enjoy this year’s Advent edition of The Inbreaking! You can find it here.  Many thanks to the numerous contributors and all their hard work in making this issue so amazing.  

As a reminder, we’re more than happy to send a print copy your way–just give us your address and we’ll shoot one along.  We suggest a donation of $10/year to cover printing costs and support our ministry.  Also, if you have changed your address, please send us your new one so we can make sure the paper gets sent to the right place.

In these dark winter days, full of fear and hardship, the content in this issue gives us profound hope–hope rooted in the birth of a Savior who has redeemed humanity.  We hold you all in prayer, and pray that this issue can help brighten these dark days for you as well.

Blessings and love,