Summer issue of The Inbreaking (our “Sexuality Issue”) out now!

by scwhouse

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Beloved extended community,

Please enjoy our Summer, 2015 issue of The Inbreaking, our “Sexuality Issue”!  You can view and download the PDF here.

Here’s a quote from the front page, explaining our reasons for devoting an entire issue to the issue of sexuality:

Welcome to the Summer 2015 issue of The Inbreaking.  In this issue, all of the content will focus on sexuality–in our lives, in our theologies, in the Christian church, and in our culture and society.  We have been inspired in this by the second iteration of the Seattle Catholic Worker (1974-2006), who in March 1976 published “The Yin and Yang of Human Sexuality: Reflections Towards a Whole Theology.”  The contents of that publication were controversial, even within Catholic Worker circles, pushing for more radical inclusion of oppressed sexual minorities.  Nearly 40 years later, many things have changed for the better, but Christian sexual politics are still far from the open, equitable, loving unity that Christ invites us into.  We hope to speak into today’s broken world with the same Spirit that our forerunners channeled in 1976.  

We invite you all to hear this with openness and love, and to see this as our effort towards a collective and fuller realization of the inbreaking of God’s reign.

This edition’s content includes:

-“‘Love One Another, Just As I Have Loved You’: Grappling with the Church’s Marginalization of Queer and Trans People”, by Peter Gallagher

-“My Lesbianism”, by Jan Adams (reprinted from “The Yin and Yang of Human Sexuality”, 1976)

-“Pharisee, Saducee”, by Brian Christopher

-“A Journey Toward Christian Sex-Positivity”, by Eli Burnham

-Excerpt from “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power” by Audre Lorde (reprinted from Sister Outsider)


Enjoy! As ever, if you’d like a copy, we’ll happily send you one–just shoot us your address!  We also invite any feedback, challenges, or affirmations in response to this issue.  Our hope is that this can foster respectful dialogue and sharing, as well as a deeper capacity to work together to make God’s reign a reality for everybody!