Spring 2015 issue of “The Inbreaking” out now!

by scwhouse

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Friends, enjoy the Spring 2015 issue of “The Inbreaking”!  You can take a look at the PDF here.

This edition’s content includes:

-“Love is the Most Powerful Force in the World: Remembering Fr. Bix” by Peter Gallagher

-Remembrances of Fr. Bix, by Megan Capes, Wes Howard-Brook, Melissa Yager, and Seth Martin

-“How Can We Say ‘God Loves You’ to the Oppressed?” by Jay Thompson

-“A Few Things I’ve Learned From Sheep” by Tony Scramble

-“Diving and Dining: A Month in the Dumpster” by Dinah Danby

-Pictures from the MLK march, a direct action at Bangor Naval Base, and the Pacific Life Community gathering

As ever, we are happy to send you a print copy by mail, just send us your address.  Also, since we’re now at Vol. 2 (!!!), we invite those of you who subscribe to consider making an annual donation to help us cover the costs of printing the paper.  The rest of the money will go directly to our ministry.  The suggested annual donation is $10.

Thank you and God bless!