Save the date! SCW’s Advent gathering 12/6 / Thanksgiving feast at the Collab!

by scwhouse

Advent Gathering 2012

Dear friends,

We hope you’re enjoying the transition into late Fall—what a GORGEOUS autumn day we got in Seattle today! We’ve got some awesome events planned for the holidays already, so we thought we’d send an email along now to give our extended community plenty of notice.

First of all, we are delighted to invite you to the 3rd annual Advent edition of the Seattle Catholic Worker’s Kumbayawesome—our favorite gathering of the year!  This year we’ll be hosting it at the Hillman City Collaboratory on Saturday, December 6th at 6:00 PM.

As always, the night will start with a open community meal and assortment of holiday treats, and will move into a time for folks from all walks of life to share music, reflections, and other forms of creative expression, much of it Advent-inspired (we usually end up singing many of the classics).  Our hope is to let the beauty of song and fellowship convey the true meaning of Advent—the triumph of hope and love in the face of darkness, oppression and injustice—and how that message is shrouded and even contradicted by many aspects of the consumer capitalist “holiday season”. We’ll provide some food, but please bring a dish, side, or dessert to share if you are able, to ensure that there’ll be enough food for everyone.  Everybody is welcome—feel free to invite your friends!

Second, for the first time we’ll be helping coordinate an open, all-inclusive Thanksgiving feast at the Hillman City Collaboratory this year, along with folks from Valley & Mountain fellowship.  We’re really grateful to be able to provide a meal and warm company for folks from our drop in center (among others) who will need a place to go on Thanksgiving.

If you happen to be in a position of being without Thanksgiving plans, we’d love you to have you join us!  Just let us know :).  In addition to that, we’ll need some help with food and volunteers in order to make the day a success.  We’ll need people that can drop off some food at some point during the day—a turkey, a side, dessert, anything would help!  We’ll also need volunteer servers, and of course, help with set up and clean up.  If you are able/willing to help in any of these ways, PLEASE let us know!  It would be greatly appreciated!!!

Lastly, we’re hoping to have the next issue of The Inbreaking available for our Advent gathering.  If your address has changed, let us know your new address so we can make sure you get your copy!

So, that’s all for now.  We’ve got some exciting days ahead of us!  We hope you’ll have a chance to celebrate life and all its blessings with us as we move towards the season of Advent.  Peace be with all of us until then.

With gratitude,
The Seattle Catholic Worker