Kumbayawesome Summer 2014 pictures

by scwhouse

Dear friends,

Please enjoy some pictures from our one Kumbayawesome of the summer! A wonderful (albeit sweltering) evening was heartily enjoyed by all: as always, beginning with an open meal and table fellowship, followed by our now time-honored tradition of open creative sharing. The sharing featured music and poetry, choked back tears and peals of laughter, Catholic tree house builders and Buddhist monks, professional poets and first time performers, old friends and brand new–and yet there was a profound sense of unity in the Spirit, a unity that transcends all divisions: the unity that is indeed Christ.  We are grateful beyond expression for the experience of communion that Kumbayawesome brings to us and our extended community.

Enjoy looking at these pictures, and we hope you’ll join us for our next Kumbayawesome on Saturday September 27th!  All God’s blessings until then, and have a great rest of your summer.



kumbayawesome 071214 005

kumbayawesome 071214 016 kumbayawesome 071214 020 kumbayawesome 071214 082 kumbayawesome 071214 083 kumbayawesome 071214 102 kumbayawesome 071214 114 kumbayawesome 071214 167