Welcome Kari!, Goodbye Jen/Summer issue of The Inbreaking out now!/Next Kumbayawesome July 12th

by scwhouse


Dear friends,

We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, joy and faith-filled start to the summer. We’ve gotten off to the best start possible: Kari Rauh, who was with us in our initial discernment back in summer 2012, will be joining us as a live-in community member starting next week!  Kari is one of the most profoundly spirited and faithful people we know, and we count ourselves very lucky to have her.

Sadly, Kari’s arrival is made possible by the fact that Jen Sandoval will be moving on from our community in a couple days.  She’ll be on the road with her fabulous band for most of the summer (runboyrunband.com–check them out), and then moving down to Portland come August.  Words cannot express how much we will miss her and how much life she has given to the Seattle Catholic Worker during her time with us.  She is forever a part of our story, and we send her off with gratitude and gladness.

On a much happier note, we proudly present to you the second issue of the Seattle Catholic Worker’s quarterly newspaper, The Inbreaking!  Click here to check it out.  This issue features an interview/testament of faith from a day laborer friend of ours; a meditation on scripture and climate change by our friend and biblical scholar Wes Howard-Brook; an article and some poetry from an inmate in King County Jail, along with a host of other radical content for your enjoyment.

If you’d like one mailed to you and would like a subscription, please let us know! We’re more than happy to send one along.  We’re also happy to drop off bundles at churches, community centers, etc.  There’s a suggested donation of $10/year, but if that is prohibitive don’t let that keep you from picking up a physical copy.

Also, our next Kumbayawesome will be on Saturday July 12th at 6:00 PM!  This will probably be our one community gathering of the summer, so come one, come all!  It’ll also serve as a birthday party for our own Dinah and Peter.  As ever, food and fellowship and various forms of creative expression and witness will be celebrated.  Please bring a dish to share if you can and a song/poem/thought to share if you feel called :).

So, we wish you all the best for now, and we’ll hope to celebrate life and all its blessings with you on the 12th :).


Andrea, Dinah, Eli, Gabbi, Jen, Julian, Kari, and Pete