Kumbayawesome Saturday 3/1 at 6:00 PM at NEW drop in center (Hillman City Collaboratory)! Also serving as newspaper release party!

by scwhouse



Dear friends, 

We are absolutely thrilled about some incredible developments that are taking place in our community!

First off, we welcome Holly Tant as a live-in community member for the next six weeks!  Holly has experience with the Open Door community in Atlanta, and we are grateful to have her with us while she wraps up her senior thesis at Prescott University.  Holly brings us to a whopping eight live-in community members-a full house!  Believe it when we say that we do not take our precious community for granted.

Second, we are delighted to announce that we found a space to run a drop in center out of!!!  We will be partnering with our friends at the Hillman City Collaboratory (check out more information here: hillmancitycollaboratory.org), a burgeoning community center in the Rainier Valley co-founded by a couple different local organizations, most notably our dear friends at Valley & Mountain fellowship (valleyandmountain.org). 

Our search for a space to run a ministry out of could not have ended more perfectly.  We have already a very warm relationship with the folks at “the Collab”, and they share an authentic desire to translate the principles of radical hospitality and community building into action.

What’s more, the Collab’s location allows us to maintain and even deepen our preexisting relationships with the day laborers and homeless folks we’ve become friends with through serving the past year and a half. We’ve been talking up the space with them for the past couple weeks, and the idea has been received with a lot of enthusiasm.  There are many pressing needs for the poor and marginalized in the Rainier Valley, and this space will allow us to help meet them more fully.

This development represents a pivotal moment in the life of the Seattle Catholic Worker.  We are so grateful that we are moving into a deeper expression of our faith and our ministry.  But as if that weren’t enough, we’ll also (finally!) be releasing the first issue of our newspaper, The Inbreaking, in March 2014! Publishing a newspaper will allow us to expand on the principles and beliefs that animate our community’s ministry, and was an integral part of Dorothy Day’s vision for the Catholic Worker movement.  As such, we are grateful to have finally reached the point of being able to share this newspaper with you all. 

And so, we invite you to join in celebrating both of these milestones and pick up a copy of our newspaper at this month’s installment of Kumbayawesome on Saturday March 1st at 6:00 PM at the Hillman City Collaboratory, located on the corner of Rainier and Orcas.  Those of you that have been before know that Kumbayawesome is nothing if not full of food, fellowship, beautiful creative expression and rollicking sing alongs.

We’re very excited to continue this now time-honored tradition in the new setting of the Collab.  Though we loved inviting folks into our home for Kumbayawesome, we’ve recently run into the flattering predicament of not being able to comfortably fit everyone at the last couple gatherings-plus, the location of the Collaboratory allows us to invite many of our day laborer and homeless friends that aren’t able to make the trek out to our house.

The evening will start at 6:00 PM with food, and we’ll start the sharing and singing right at 7:00 PM and go until 9:00 PM. We would LOVE for all of you that have supported us through the past year and a half come out and join in this joyful celebration with us.

One last note: unlike at our previous gatherings, we will be putting out a donation basket and passing the hat to help cover the costs associated with using the space.  We ask that you please give as generously as you are able.  This will allow us to continue our tradition of facilitating table fellowship and creative expression in a manner that transcends societal barriers and is truly accessible to everyone. Thank you. 

Our budding partnership with the Collab in starting a drop in center and the release of our newspaper marks a wondrous and pivotal moment in the unfolding story of the Seattle Catholic Worker.  We hope you will take this opportunity to eat, laugh, and sing with us and with our beloved extended community. 

With tremendous love and gratitude,

Andrea, Dinah, Eli, Gabbi, Jen, Julian, Holly, Peter, Lola, and Muzak