Report back from Eucharist at Bangor Naval Station/MLK March plans

by scwhouse




On Wednesday January 15th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s birthday, four of us from the Seattle Catholic Worker joined folks from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in an open celebration of the Eucharist at the gates of the Bangor Naval Station, home to the world’s largest concentration of nuclear weapons.  The action done in solidarity with the people of Jeju Island in Korea, who are engaged in their own struggle against the immanent construction of a U.S. military base on what is for them pristine and holy natural land.

The idea to celebrate the Eucharist at the gates of power came from our sisters and brothers at Jeju: they hold communion every day right where construction is happening. And it was for us, as for them, incredibly moving to participate in a liturgy and receive communion in such a subversive setting. It truly felt that we were embodying a Christ-centered community of resistance, just as His first disciples did.

We were grateful to join with many old friends in this action, as well as make new friends who are likewise dedicated to struggling for an end to all war-making.  We pray that we may continue to find many opportunities to come together in celebration and resistance in the near future.

In that spirit, tomorrow a couple of us will be marching in the annual MLK Day rally in Seattle-so if you’re looking for people to march with, let us know!  It’s a great opportunity to stand in unity and solidarity with lots of people doing good work in the Seattle area.

Lastly, I’d like to share the image that has stayed with me from the Eucharist at Bangor.  As we drove away from the base, we looked over and saw the Olympic mountains beautifully framed right over the entrance to Bangor.  A stunning, majestic image, but even more so, a perfectly fitting theological truth: the world is God’s, Christ is risen, and no matter how much we invest in the works of war, the peace that passeth all understanding, the peace that is Christ, will always reign in love over our world, forever.  May this truth abide in our hearts as we seek to draw closer to Christ through resisting war. Amen.