Seattle Catholic Worker 1st Annual Christmas Appeal Letter

by scwhouse


Dear friends, 

The Seattle Catholic Worker wishes you a joyous season of Advent!  We hope that you and yours find yourselves united in hope and love in this season of anticipating the birth of the Human One.  In particular, we hope that you are able to lean into the true meaning of Advent-which is so often shrouded by the profit-mongering of the “holiday season”.

The SCW has had a wonderful 2013.  Thanks be to God, our community has grown and our ministry blossomed in unforeseen ways.  We have grown to a community of seven members and moved into an eight bedroom house, which has in turn allowed us to increase our rhythm of serving from once a week to three times a week. Over the course of the past year we’ve hosted a number of performance and resistance gatherings-playfully dubbed “Kumbayawesome”-which has infused our community with joy and life. Finally, we’ve had the opportunity to lend ourselves in a number of resistance actions, including vigils against U.S. imperialism and the Trans Pride parade.

What a full and faithful year! And believe it or not, there are more exciting developments for us on the horizon. We are currently looking for a kitchen space from which to serve, which we see as an opportunity to deepen bonds of fellowship and solidarity with the our friends on the margins. We are also excited to announce that we are currently working on the first edition of SCW’s newspaper, set to be released in January 2014.  Publishing a newspaper was a central tenet of Dorothy Day’s vision for the Catholic Worker movement, and it is our hope that a paper can provide a platform for proclaiming the radical Gospel which animates our ministry. 

So, we are deeply grateful for the ways God has enabled our community to grow, and greatly anticipate what growth is to come. But in order for our community to continue to blossom in love and faithfulness, we will need consistent financial support from our extended community.  We ask that you give as you are able to support our ministry of hospitality, resistance, and community building. The Kingdom of God is among us when we join hands in community, when we give of ourselves so that others may live, and when we refuse to sit idly by in a world that allows people to freeze to death in the streets while others sit in the lap of luxury.

And so we invite you to join us as we venture to step into God’s level place!  As Christ is born to us again in this season of Advent, may it bring us renewed hope that he lives in us and renewed strength to serve him in others.

With gratitude and love,

Andrea, Dinah, Eli, Gabbi, Jen, Julian, Peter, Lola, and Muzak


12914 74th Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98178

P.S. Unfortunately, we can’t cash checks made out to “Seattle Catholic Worker”, so please make them out to “Eli Burnham.”  Thank you!