by scwhouse

Advent Gathering 2012

Dear friends,

First off, with joy we announce that our family keeps growing: we’ll be welcoming Gabriella Duncan and Jen Sandoval into our community in the next couple weeks!  Gabriella is an inordinately spirited woman who is already a seasoned advocate for the homeless, and is a dear friend of our beloved mentors Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson.  Jen by default makes our community about 50x cooler, given that she is a full-time touring musician who has decided to make good use of some time off by serving with us for the next few months.  We welcome both of them with great anticipation and deep gladness.

And consider this a “save the date”: on Saturday December 7th at 6:00 PM we’ll host the 2nd annual SCW Advent Gathering in our new house!  We had such a good time at our gathering last year that we’ve decided to make a tradition of it.

The night will start with a potluck feast and assortment of holiday treats, and will move into a time for folks to share music and other forms of creative expression, much of it Advent-inspired (yes, we will sing many of the classics).  Our hope is to let the beauty of song and fellowship convey the true meaning of Advent-the triumph of hope and love in the face of darkness, oppression and injustice-and how that message is shrouded and even contradicted by many aspects of the consumer capitalist “holiday season”.

We’ll provide some food, but please bring a dish, side, or dessert to share if you plan on eating (and are in a position to do so).  And, if you’d like to share some form of creative expression, please let us know!  All peoples are welcome at our table-feel free to invite your friends!

On a separate note, WE NEED YOUR MAILING ADDRESSES! Please forward your address along :).  We’re plugging away at getting our newspaper ready to be deployed in January, 2014-so we need to get started on compiling a list of mailing addresses.  We also plan on sending out a holiday card to our beloved extended community :).  Also, if you could let us know how many copies you’d like, that would be great too.  For churches, communities, or whoever would like multiple copies, we’re happy to provide them.

Lastly, PLEASE SEE OUR ATTACHED NEEDS LIST (at the bottom of this email) and contribute what you can.  The last couple nights have been freezing.  Of all the variety of supplies we’ve received and given out, NONE of them have gone unused.  We run out of supplies almost immediately-there is a tremendous need.  We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your donations.

As we enter the season of anticipation of the birth of the Human One, may we all find ways to radically embody God’s love in a world still so badly in need of a Savior…

In holy anticipation,

Andrea, Dinah, Eli, Gabriella, Jen, Julian, Peter, Lola, and Muzak