Moving to new hospitality house THIS SUNDAY (10/20)! Need help! And, exciting events in the near future!

by scwhouse



Dear friends,

So much is happening we can hardly keep track!   Indeed, we have in fact failed to keep track: we’ve had a number of folks reach out and ask what’s been going on with us the past month-so we apologize that we’ve been remiss in our email updates of late. So, without further ado: a barrage of news, announcements, and opportunities to be of service…

First and foremost, we welcome our newest community member, Andrea Langeland!  Andrea has a nice track record of living in various Catholic Worker communities, so we’re grateful for the experience and willingness to be of service she offers.  Andrea brings us to five live-in community members, with perhaps more to come, because…..

We’re beginning the move into our new house this Sunday!!! Yahoo! For those of you that don’t know, we recently bought an eight bedroom house (photos attached, so as to whet the appetite) that’s located in Skyway, just south of Rainier Beach bordering Renton.  We look forward to continuing our ministry of hospitality, resistance, and community building in our new neighborhood, and to building connections with people already doing good work in Skyway. 

If you’re capable of doing heavy lifting-or providing moral support to people doing heavy lifting-we’d love your help this Sunday (10/20) as we haul most of our stuff to the new digs.  We’ll get started around 10:00 AM and be moving for most of the day.  Call Peter (925-658-2013) or Dinah (206-397-3274) if you can make it.  Our new address is 12914 74th Ave S, Skyway, WA, 98178.

Please get in touch if you might be able to help out! A meal for the helpers will be provided! 🙂 We’ll continue doing work on the house past this Sunday, though, so if you’d like to help out but aren’t available this Sunday, give us a shout. The support we receive will get us settled in quickly, which allows us to get our ministry up and running ASAP.

 As you know, moving is expensive, so we invite you to contribute whatever you can to help us with the costs associated with moving.  So far we’ve dipped into both our communal and personal funds to cover costs, but any extra support so that we aren’t too strapped after the move would be greatly appreciated.  Anything left over will immediately go towards funding our meals.  You can donate online (see the “donate” tab), or send us a check via mail (to our new address: 12914 74th Ave S, Skyway, WA, 98178).  Thank you very much! 

Lastly, we’re hitting the ground running in our new place: there are a couple fun events we’ll be hosting that you should consider attending.

  1. On Saturday October 26th at 7:00 PMour friend Seth Martin will be putting on an evening of music and resistance (Seth is a fantastic singer/songwriter/storyteller), which will include a talk and brief film viewing from a friend of Seth’s visiting from Korea who has organized against militarism in Korea.  A performance from Seth and other musicians will follow.  It promises to be an informative and life-giving evening.
  2. On Saturday November 2nd, also at 7:00 PM, we have the privilege of hosting Elliott Adams, a seasoned and well-renowned activist and former president of Veterans for Peace who recently completed an 80 day, 300 calories a day fast in solidarity with the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, and is on a speaking tour around the West Coast.  We will host a low-key talk and discussion where he’ll talk though his experiences as an activist and offer strategies for movement building.

Phew!  That’s quite enough for one email.  Stay tuned for another update once we get settled in our new place. Opportunities to volunteer, donate, and visit for food, prayer, and merriment will abound. (But don’t feel like you need an excuse to come say hi! Just give one of us a shout. Or, just come over).  

Grateful for all of you, in anticipation of the spirited fellowship to come at our new hospitality house…


Andrea, Dinah, Eli, Julian, Peter, Lola (dog), and Muzak (cat)