NO imperial warfare in Syria!

by scwhouse


We at the Seattle Catholic Worker are firmly opposed to any U.S. military involvement in Syria.  We stand against any act of war, particularly imperial war, and are steadfast in our commitment to resisting all violence wrought by the United States.

The civil war in Syria is of course deeply tragic, and we find the likely development of chemical warfare horrifying.  We know that the immeasurable suffering on the part of innocent people in Syria is the voice of the crucified Christ, crying out in a broken and unjust world.

But we are a community rooted in and striving to practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ: the good news that salvation lies in feeding and struggling with the poor, resisting oppression, loving our neighbor, glorifying God, giving our lives in service to our sisters and brothers.  As such, we oppose all U.S. military endeavors.  It is contrary to the way of Jesus, the way of Love.

U.S. military history shows again and again that there is no such thing as a “surgical strike”, and no military intervention ever ends up being as precise and expedient as it’s articulated.  Indeed, the last time cruise missiles were employed against a country we weren’t at war with (in Yemen in 2009), scores of civilians ended up dead.  Any bombing campaign leaves blood on our hands.  There is alway collateral damage, always the loss of innocent life.

In addition, we find Obama’s supposed humanitarian motives for intervening highly dubious.  It seems that when there is rampant murder of civilians in areas without strategic value, the U.S. government washes its hand of the matter, but when there is violence in a region teeming with valuable natural resources, we see fit to drop bombs.  This double standard-in addition to the failure to ever acknowledge any war crimes committed by the U.S.-reeks of ulterior motives and, ultimately, a power play.  We feel we cannot sit idly by.

WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.  The only solution is love.  Love casts out fear. “Love your enemies, bless those that curse you.”  “As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.”

We will continue to pray for peace in Syria, and we pray that the world can support the people in Syria in ways that won’t beget more bloodshed.  But we are prepared to resist when and if bombing does begin.   Lord, have mercy.