Fasting in solidarity with hunger strike at Guantanamo

by scwhouse

Hi! I’m Dinah, the newest member of SCW. I have just completed a two-day fast in solidarity with the hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay prison. Most of the detainees there have been cleared for release but are still there two years later, and almost none of the prisoners have been legally charged. Every day the strikers are forced to undergo having a feeding tube forced into their nose and stomach. The AMA has publicly condemned force-feeding of anyone who is mentally competent and refuses food, yet the military medical staff continue to violate this basic human right. This is above and beyond the torture and mistreatment that has been going on at Gitmo since it opened ten years ago. Every time we mistreat one of these men and the world sees it, we are probably creating a hundred new terrorists for every one we believe we are keeping off the streets. Gitmo is an emblem of shame on the US and we must show the world that when we preach human rights, we also practice them. Please pray for the closure of Gitmo and the fair treatment of all the men imprisoned there; please also be bold and pray for the souls of the men who are committing the torture. The website has contact info if you wish to call or write the people in charge, and also if you wish to write to a detainee.