SCW marches for Trans* Pride

by scwhouse

On Friday, June 28th, our whole community marched in the Seattle Trans* Pride Parade, an event meant “to raise awareness and support for the Trans* community and to elevate the challenges faced by Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming people in Seattle and more broadly in Washington state, the United States, and internationally.” We see gender- and sexuality-based oppression as part of a larger system of oppressions enacted and perpetuated by the imperial reign under which we struggle to live, a reign that insists on labeling, normalizing, and hierarchizing the people that live within its grasp. We stand against this and all oppressions, and for the freedom of Christ, as we strive to be in solidarity with Trans* folks.

We feel that it is particularly important for us to be visible in our solidarity as a Christian community given the historical and contemporary oppression of gender non-conforming folks by institutions that claim to stand for Christ. So, to our delight, we received several surprised yet positive responses to our presence from various marchers, including one person who commented: “I didn’t know a Catholic person could love me!”  So it’s in this spirit that we say: the Seattle Catholic Worker loves Trans* folks!

SCW loves Trans Folks!