SCW Potluck on June 30th

by scwhouse

Dear friends,

We are happy to invite you to our monthly potluck at the Seattle Catholic Worker (2910 20th Ave S, Seattle WA 98144) on Sunday June 30th at 6:00 PM. We hope to bring some of the joy we shared at this month’s KUMBAYAWESOME, our monthly creative gathering.We also hope that this potluck can be an opportunity for sharing in food, love, and community, and this month will feature a spiritual discussion led by Mike Murphy, a friend of the community.
Our housing search continues, as we’ve made some promising connections and begun to delve into the deep discernment process that a decision like buying a house for the community requires. Moving forward, any leads or pointers would be greatly appreciated as we search for a lasting home that can push our community further into service of Christ.
Also, we are on the lookout for folks that might be interested in joining our community in the fall.  As much as the three of us adore each other, we would be able to operate better as a ministry of hospitality if we had more folks regularly involved, and appreciate the diversity of experience and perspective that each person brings to a community.  Feel free to get in contact at any point if at all interested.
Finally, our newest member, Dinah, would like to invite anyone over 40 to a new branch of the Contemplative Prayer group, balancing out the current one which is for younger folks. The dates, times and format will be up for grabs, depending on who is interested; shoot her an email at and let her know your thoughts.
In peace,
Dinah, Peter, and Eli